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Optrel Clearmaxx Grinding Helmet 1100.000

Optrel Clearmaxx Grinding Helmet

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Optrel Clearmaxx Grinding Helmet 1100.000

Designed to provide complete face protection while performing grinding, woodworking and metal operations. The Optrel Clearmaxx features an extra large polycarbonate lens and a rigid helmet shell that adds additional coverage to the forehead, chin and both sides of the face. Utilizing the popular Optrel 5003.263 headgear with front and back sweat/comfort bands, ratchet head size adjustment, as well as adjustments for forward/back and top-of-head positions. 

Tear-off visor protectors 5000.039 available as an economical means to extend the life of the Clearmaxx polycarbonate lens.

Optrel Clearmaxx Technical data


  • Grinding
  • Automotive industry
  • Building industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Refrigeration industry
  • Food Industry
  • General industry
  • Heavy metal industry
  • Painting industry
  • Industrial cleaning industry

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