canaweld, 180a air cooled, tig torch

Canaweld 180A Air Cooled TIG Torch

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Canaweld TIG torches are leading the way with user comfort, quality materials and innovative design.  
  • Temperature resistant silicone rubber insulation helps to keep the torch cool
  • Made with all copper internal components allowing for maximum current carry capacity.
  • "26" style torch
  • Works with aftermarket consumables  
  • Built in start switch that can be replaced in seconds if it ever fails.  
  • Flexible neck allows for better positioning with awkward jobs
  • Increased maneuverability in all welding positions with pivoting knuckle joint at base of torch
  • Torch cable comes with protective sheath factory installed
  • 180A AC 125A DC at 35% duty cycle
  • 8.9mm dinse style power adapter connection

Canaweld machines are equipped with either a 5-Pin or 9-Pin control plug. Please count the available pin holes on the connector and choose the corresponding pin count using the drop down menu.