Lincoln MAGNUM®  PRO CURVE™ 200A MIG Gun Cable Liners
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Lincoln Electric MAGNUM® 200, 250L MIG Gun Cable Liners

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Lincoln Electric MAGNUM® 200, 250L, 250P MIG Gun Cable Liners


  • .025-.030 (0.6-0.8) - KP42-25-15
  • .030-.035 (0.8-0.9) - KP42-3035-15
  • .035-.045 (0.9-1.2) -  KP42-4045-15
  • Aluminum* .035-3/64 (0.9-1.2) -  KP44N-3545-15

Aluminum* option is recommended for aluminum welding.  It is important when changing between welding with steel wire and aluminum to exchange feeding components due to the lubricant applied to steel wire. Failure to do so may result in contaminated welds when welding aluminum.

Lincoln Electric MAGNUM 200, 250L, 250P MIG Gun Cable Liners