Siegmund System 16 47" x 47" (1.2 x 1.2 m) Welding Fixture Table - Extreme 8.7 Series

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Siegmund System 16 Welding Fixture Table


47" x 47" (1.2m x 1.2m)

System 16 Professional Extreme 8.7 series welding table with horizontal / vertical hole arrangement in a 50 mm grid on the table top and a row of holes on the sides. The diameter of the bore holes is 16 mm, the thickness of the material approx. 11,5-13 mm.  It is manufactured in Germany of high quality tool steel.  Grid lines with a spacing of 50 mm simplify the set-up of your.  Extreme 8.7 series is well suited for working with extremely heavy components.

By equipping the welding tables with a diagonal grid the clamping options are nearly doubled.

  • 16mm holes spaced 50mm apart
  • Made in Germany
  • Tool Steel Plasma Nitrated and BAR-Coated*
  • Includes - table top and 160858.X 750mm legs with adjustable feet.
  • 1 year Siegmund Warranty
  • Mod No. 2-160015.X7D

*Plasma Nitrated and BAR-Coated for protection from rust and weld spatter.

    750 Series Professional Welding Table

    1. Material thickness - 11,5 – 13 mm

    2. Material - Through-hardened tool steel X8.7, plasma nitrided and BAR-coated

    Vickers hardness grade:
    Surface hardness: approx. 450 – 850
    Basic hardness: approx. 280 – 340

    3. Data - Borehole spacing 50 mm, Grid element spacing 50 mm

    4. Table side panel - 100 mm high

    * The four side faces are still constructed from our standard, high quality S355J2+N Steel to provide the ideal balance of properties for performance, durability, and cost.

    5. Elaborate Radiuses

    • 3 mm radius of top table edge reduces damages to Siegmund accessories and customers components
    • 6 mm radius on edges reduces risk of injury

    6. System borehole - Ø 16 mm

    Radius R2 for boreholes on the table surface:

    • reduce damages to table, Siegmund accessories and customer components
    • for simple insertion of bolts and accessories
    • less damages on bore edges while moving heavy components

    7. Ribbing - Multiple ribbing on the underside for maximum stability and precision

    8. Table Legs - Square pipe 70x70 mm

    • Base plate Ø 70 mm (made of twisted bulk material)
    • Leg 40 mm vernier adjustment

    9. Bearing load

    Bearing load per leg max 1,000 kg
    Maximum recommended static overall load:
    with 4 legs = 2,000 kg
    based on even load distribution.

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