Steelmax 14″ Metal Cutting Saw with Cast Iron Base

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Steelmax 14″ Metal Cutting Chop Saw


Pick up a Steelmax saw this morning, and it can pay for itself by the end of the day.

When a saw is engineered to work as efficiently as the Steelmax S14, your purchase pays immediate dividends. With its precise, fast, clean, burr-free, cool-to-touch cutting, further processing is eliminated, saving you expensive de-burring and further machining. Only Steelmax has a “flip plate” built onto its base that allows the S14 to securely hold round material, pipe and tubing so it doesn’t come loose or turn when being cut – which could damage the material or blade. And its exclusive heavy cast iron base reduces vibration to extend blade life and provide more precise cutting.

Why Choose a Dry Metal Cutting Saw?

  • Power to easily cut steel, stainless and aluminum
  • Less noise, sparks and debris than an abrasive saw
  • Higher accuracy and cleaner cuts than abrasive saws
  • Less time spent cleaning and deburring cut parts


  • Mitering capability up to 45º
  • Powerful 1750W motor
  • 1450 rpm cutting speed
  • Stable cast iron base
  • Quick adjustment vise with innovative quick-pipe clamp
  • 14” blade diameter
  • Pipe capacity up to 4-3/4″
  • 1” Arbor Bore
  • Chip collection tray
  • Part No. SM-S-14-C
  • Includes a 14″ TCT blade for cutting mild steel


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