3M Speedglas G5 Auto Darkening Filter Lenses

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3M™ Speedglas™  G5-01, G5-03 ADF Lenses


3M G5 Auto Darkening filters are designed to fit the G5-01 and G5-03 welding helmet systems. They are not compatible with the G5-02 or other series Speedglas helmets

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  • Natural Colour visibility of your work in the light and dark state (for both ADFs) and, variable colour adjustability in the dark state with the G5-01VC filter.

G5-01 Auto Darkening Filter Options:

G5-01 Auto Darkening Filter Options

  • ADF Welding Filter Lens G5-01 - Part No. 46-0000-30i (CA)
  • ADF Welding Filter Lens G5-01VC - Part No. 46-0000-30VC (CA) (Replaces 46-0000-30iVC)
  • ADF Welding Filter Lens G5-TW - Part No. 46-0000-30TW