Harris Ring of Fire 15% Silver Brazing Rings

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Harris Ring of Fire Brazing Rings

15% Silver

Ring of Fire is the perfect alternative for any brazing project. It’s easy to use, gives you a consistent braze every time and meets the same high standards you expect from

With the same formulation, testing and standards as the Harris’ signature Stay-Silv® 15 (15% silver alloy), you can now purchase it in ring form.

Ring of Fire brazing rings are self fluxing when used on copper. Flux is required when working with other materials. 

Package Options:

 Part Number Description
RF15250 SS15 - 1/4" Joint Ring - 25/ Pack
RF15375 SS15 - 3/8" Joint Ring - 25/ Pack
RF15500 SS15 - 1/2" Joint Ring - 25/ Pack
RF15625 SS15 - 5/8" Joint Ring - 25/ Pack
RF15750 SS15 - 3/4" Joint Ring - 25/ Pack
RF15875 SS15 - 7/8" Joint Ring - 25/ Pack
RF151125 SS15 - 1-1/8" Joint Ring - 10/ Pack
RF15VAR SS15 Tubing Joint Ring Variety Pack