Up In Smoke THORAX FR Fleece Welding Hoodie - Black/Black

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Up In Smoke THORAX FR Fleece Welding Hoodie

The Thorax model is a core product in the Up in Smoke Welding Apparel product line and is designed specifically with welder’s in mind.

Top 6 Things To Know About the Thorax:

  1. Constructed with 14 oz CarbonX fleece which is made with a blend of fibres for strength, warmth, and comfort.
  2. Environmentally conscious leather from a world class leader in both green initiatives and hide tanning is used.  The high quality of this soft leather will help keep your range of motion on cold days.
  3. The leather may have imperfections on it as it comes from an animal. Imperfections can be as a result of branding, scrapes, freckles and wrinkles. They are not on every hoodie and do not impede the integrity or performance of our gear.
  4. The Up In smoke design strategically places the leather on the side of your hood, upper torso and arms to help protect from burns, and prolong the life of your garment. By placing the leather only where you need it, it cuts down weight and bulkiness, while still delivering the protection you need.  *Please note that the leather is positioned on opposite sides for right hand or left hand dominant welders*
  5. The hood and sleeves are lined with Mount Vernon Mills twill for additional comfort and this makes the hood and sleeve lighter and less bulky.
  6. Heavy Kevlar and Nomex stitching to ensure the Thorax can tolerate prolonged use.


  • Right hand dominant
  • Left hand dominant

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