Flange Wizard Multi-Purpose Chariot “Beveling” Burning Guide

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Multi-Purpose Chariot “Beveling” Burning Guide


Flange Wizard‘s new burning guide is designed to not only cut straight, irregular shapes and circles, but also bevel them at the same time. The new improved design makes height adjustment and setting the head at the proper angle for beveling a simple job for the beginner as well as the journeyman

  • Wheels can be adjusted for straight, irregular shapes, or circle cuts.
  • The new design allows you to use the third wheel in conjunction with straight line torch guides for precision burning or beveling edges of plate, beams, channels, etc.
  • Universal bushing fits all conventional torches.
  • Bushing I.D 41/64″ (.640)
  • The head of the new guide will now lock in place for straight 90 degrees or bevel cutting at 37.5 degrees.
  • Manufacturer part number: 24219-CBG