Pferd High Performance Micro Cut Burs

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Pferd High Performance Micro Cut Burs

Micro Cut For Fine Finishing

Carbide burs with MICRO cut are specifically designed for finishing and are used in areas in which abrasive mounted points are usually used. They offer a higher stock removal rate and produce a high surface quality, particularly compared with conventionally milled surfaces. They also operate with low vibration and little noise. They maintain their geometry over their entire service life, and are well suited to manual and machine applications. Almost all materials up to a hardness of 940 HV (68 HRC) can be machined.

  • Made in Germany

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Item # SCTI # Head Length Overall Length Head Diameter Type
27547 SG-1 5/8" 1-5/16" 1/4" Pointed Tree (G)
27548 27548 SG-3 3/4" 2-1/2" 3/8" Pointed Tree (G)
  • Shank Diameter 1/4"