Rockmount Threaded Insert Kit - STD - 50pc

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Rockmount Threaded Insert Kit

Standard Fractional Sizes - 50 Piece Kit

Rockmount Threaded Inserts are a fast and inexpensive way to solve all your stripped thread needs. Threaded inserts are cylindrical, metal bushings with features on the outside that anchor them into a plastic or metal base material. They provide high-quality, permanent, wear-resistant internal threads and are designed to be installed in molded or drilled holes in one simple step. With Rockmount Inserts, stripped-thread problems can be corrected in minutes with no special tools or procedures. Save time, money and aggravation by simply drilling a new hole and screwing in the self-tapping, case hardened insert.

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  • Greater clamping pressure in softer materials, provides higher strength, and better seals.
  • Highly Resistant To Pull-Out
  • Effective In High Vibration Applications
  • Self Tapping / Self-Locking
  • Permanent, Wear-Resistant Threads
  • Salvage or Repair Expensive Castings and Moldings
  • Easy To Install In A Drilled or Molded Hole
  • Available In Two Wall Thickness: Standard and Thin
  • Can Be Used In All Metals and Plastics

Kit includes 5 of each below:

 Size (in.) Part No.
1/4-20 90406
1/4-28 90407
5/16-18 90408
5/16-24 90409
3/8-16 90410
3/8-24 90411
7/16-14 90375
7/16-20 90413
1/2-13 90414
1/2-20 90415