Walter ZINC-100™ Bright Galvanizing Spray (Hot/Shiny Finish)

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Walter ZINC-100™ Bright Galvanizing Spray

ZINC-100™ is a bright, long-lasting corrosion protection spray specially formulated for the touch-up and repair of hot galvanized parts.

  • Zinc flakes permanently bond to metallic surfaces
  • Bright metallic finish matches hot dipped look
  • Fast drying
  • Zinc-rich formula meets ASTM A780 standard
  • Product No. 53-H 102


  • 400ml 11.5 oz. aersol can
Walter Bright Galv Spray


    • Food processing equipment
    • Water and storage tanks
    • Manufacturing, repair, and installation of fencing, outside structures, playground and sports equipment, scaffolding, ducting and air conditioning systems, marine equipment, and architectural and ornamental structures
    • Touch-up and repair of steel components