Aquasol I-Purge Inflatable Purge Bladder System

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Aquasol I-Purge Inflatable Purge Bladder System


Complete Purge Bladder System

The revolutionary, patent-pending I-Purge Modular Inflatable Bladder System is the most innovative and versatile pipe purging system available. I-Purge creates an impermeable seal to consume the least amount of purge gas during pipe purging and welding, saving time and money, while achieving consistent, high-quality welds.

Manufactured in the USA, this long-term, reusable bladder system enables operators to satisfy a myriad of purge requirements with one interchangeable solution. The I-Purge comes equipped with several highly advanced features such as its Quick Connect Fittings that snap-in place and allow easy assembly and disassembly of components. The I-Purge also features an extended length, high heat resistant harness that allows the bladders to be placed outside the heat affected zone and can also sufficiently accommodate any pre-heating or high heat applications.

These state-of-the-art features allow the operator to create multiple configurations, including a one sided pipe stopper and a reducer. Bladders are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 48″ (51- 1219 mm) and may be purchased either individually or as a complete system, a distinct advantage should additional sizes be desired or a component need replacing.

Ideal for fabrication shops, the I-Purge surpasses existing technology with its advanced design and provides the complete solution for all pipe purging needs.

How I-Purge X Works

 1. Module A 5. Quick Connection to Module A 9. Inflation & Purge (BLUE) Hose
2. Module B 6. Relief Valve 10. Luminescent Indicator
3. Quick Connection to Module B 7. Direct Purge (BLACK) Hose 11. Pull Loops
4. Fiberglass High Heat Bridge Harness 8. Exhaust Monitor Connection 12. Gas Diffuser


What's Included

  • Every system includes 2 expandable bladders and a heat resistant harness
ABLD 2* 2″ 51 mm 11″ 279 mm
ABLD 3* 3″ 76 mm 11″ 279 mm
ABLD 4* 4″ 102 mm 11″ 279 mm
ABLD 5* 5″ 127 mm 11″ 279 mm
ABLD 6* 6″ 152 mm 11″ 279 mm
ABLD 8* 8″ 203 mm 11″ 279 mm
ABLD 10* 10″ 254 mm 12″ 305 mm
ABLD 12* 12″ 305 mm 12″ 305 mm
ABLD 14* 14″ 356 mm 16″ 406 mm
ABLD 16* 16″ 406 mm 16″ 406 mm


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