CK Worldwide Shielding Gas Flow Tester

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CK Worldwide Shielding Gas Flow Tester CK-GFT


The CK Worldwide shielding gas flow tester is a must have tool for every welder.  Whether you are a hobbyist who is learning to weld or an experienced professional you have to know what your actual shielding gas flow rate at the torch is.  In most cases additional gas flow does not improve weld quality, it only wastes expensive shielding gas.  By measuring the actual flow of shielding gas at the MIG/TIG torch you can make adjustments and get your flow rate dialled in without any guesswork.  

  • For use with all TIG Torches and MIG Guns.
  • Reads 10 cfh - 40 cfh
  • Compare gas flow at the torch to regulator setting
  • Helps with troubleshooting faulty regulators
  • Prevents over-gassing and reduces cost
  • Tube us made from acrylic and scale is easy to read


    • Invert the TIG torch or MIG gun so the gas nozzle is facing upwards.
    • Hold the gas flow tester over the TIG cup or MIG nozzle.
    • Trigger the system (MIG wire feed rolls open).
    • Read the actual gas flow rate as the ball floats upward.
    • Adjust the gas regulator as necessary.