Blue Demon True View PANO Welding Helmet
Blue Demon TrueView PANO Welding Helmet Side Image
Blue Demon True View PANO Welding Helmet

Blue Demon True View PANO Welding Helmet

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Blue Demon TrueView PANO Welding Helmet

Blue Demon's TrueView PANO is one of the hottest new welding helmets on the market.  The only helmet with three filters giving the user a true 180° panoramic view.  The auto-darkening filters are designed for all processes; TIG, MIG, ARC, Plasma Cutting and Grinding. This lightweight welding helmet provides protection to the user's eyes and face from spark, spatter, and harmful radiation under normal welding conditions. The three auto-darkening filters feature 5 sensors to automatically change from light to dark state when an arc is initiated and return to the light state when the welding arc disappears.


  • 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity
  • 5 independent sensors
  • ADF switching time: 0.06 - 1.0 millisecond
  • Grind Mode
  • Only 1.36 lbs (618 grams)
  • CSA & ANSI certified
  • 2 Year warranty on Auto Darkening Filter

Center (Main) ADF Lens

  • Dark shade: 8 - 14 (welding mode)
  • Light shade: 4 - 8 (cutting mode)
  • Resting shade: 3 (grinding mode)

Side ADF Lenses

  • Shade: 3 - 10

What else?

True Colour Lens Technology for a clear and high definition view of the puddle and work area.