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CK Worldwide 3 Series Gas Saver Cups 2A8GS
ck worldwide 3A4GS cup
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CK Worldwide Gas Saver Alumina Cups

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CK Worldwide Gas Saver Alumina Cups

Alumina cups for CK Worldwide Gas Saver, gas lens system.  Gas lenses provide better gas coverage than standard collet bodies and reduce gas consumption by up to 40%.  Additionally tungsten stick-out can be up to 6 x electrode diameter.  But what really sets the CK Gas saver system apart from traditional weldcraft style gas lenses is the patented narrow collet body and gas diffuser design that allows for smaller cup bodies and an overall more compact front end.


CK Part#  Length Cup Size Compatibility
2A4GS Short 4 2 series / 3 series Short
2A5GS Short 5 2 series / 3 series Short
2A6GS Short 6 2 series / 3 series Short
2A7GS Short 7 2 series / 3 series Short
2A8GS Short 8 2 series / 3 series Short
3A4GS Standard 4 3 series Standard
3A5GS Standard 5 3 series Standard
3A6GS Standard 6 3 series Standard
3A7GS Standard 7 3 series Standard
3A8GS Standard 8 3 series Standard

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