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CK Worldwide LaYZr (Chartreuse) Tungsten
ck worldwide layzer tungsten chartreuase
CK Worldwide LaYZr (Chartreuse) Tungsten

CK Worldwide LaYZr (Chartreuse) Tungsten

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LaYZr™ (Chartreuse) EWG tungsten for TIG welding

CK worldwide's LaYzr Triple Mix tungsten helps to produces premium quality welds by offering the best arc stability under all conditions. 

  • Non-Radioactive
  • Very stable tip geometry, runs cooler than 2% Thoriated and lasts longer
  • Offers the very best low amperage starts
  • Often used for automated or robotic applications due to low voltage tolerance (changes in tip to work piece distance)
  • Suitable for Alternating Current (A/C) or Direct Current (D/C) 
  • Works well with Inverter or transformer based constant current power sources
  • Principal Oxides: 1.5% Lanthanum, 0.08% Yttrium Oxides, 0.08% Zirconium