Walter E-WELD PRE-COATED NOZZLES™ for Lincoln Magnum PRO 250L/350

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E-WELD PRE-COATED NOZZLES for Lincoln MAGNUM PRO 250L & 300 Torches


5x longer-lasting ceramic coated nozzles

Reduce downtime spent scraping out spatter and replacing MIG nozzles. The special water-based ceramic coating prevents spatter from adhering to the nozzle and allows the gas to flow freely, ultimately providing a better-quality weld.The unique E-WELD pre-coated nozzles will reduce your welding operation costs.

  • Reduce downtime scraping spatter and replacing nozzles
  • Lasts up to 5 times longer than standard OEM nozzles
  • Safe & non-flammable solution to nozzle spatter build-up
  • Prevents nozzle obstructions resulting in a higher quality weld


Options for Lincoln Magnum PRO 250L and 300 Torches

 Bore Diameter Tip Relationship Walter Part Number Lincoln Part Number
3/8" 1/8" Stickout 54-C 021 KP2742-1-38S
3/8"  1/8" Recess
54-C 022 KP2742-1-38R
3/8"  Flush
54-C 023 KP2742-1-38F
1/2" 1/8" Stickout 54-C 031 KP2742-1-50S
1/2" 1/8" Recess
54-C 032 KP2742-1-50R
1/2"  Flush 54-C 033 KP2742-1-50F
5/8" 1/8" Stickout 54-C 041 KP2742-1-62S
5/8" 1/8" Recess 54-C 042 KP2742-1-62R
5/8" Flush 54-C 043 KP2742-1-62F

2 E-Weld Ceramic Coated Nozzles Per Package

Fits the following torches using MAgnum PRO 350A Expendables (KP2746-1 Diffuser)

  • Magnum PRO 250L & 350L
  • Magnum PRO Curve 200, 300, 300 AL, 250 HDE, 350 HDE
  • Magnum PRO Barrel 250 HDE, 350 HDE

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