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weld-mate carbon steel mig wire spool
weld-mate carbon steel mig wire spool
welder using weld-mate mig wire
drum of weld made carbon steel mig wire

ER70S-6 Carbon Steel MIG Wire

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ER70S-6 Carbon Steel MIG Wire

Weld-Mate carbon steel ER70S6 solid core MIG wire is our most commonly purchased wire for welding mild steel.  

  • Highest combination of manganese and silicone deoxidizers
  • Permits high current welding with CO2 gas shielding
  • Can also be applied with ArCO2
  • Excellent wetting
  • Good for out-of-position welding using short circuiting transfer
  • Layer/level wound wire;
  • Certified by CWB to CSA class W48 for ER49S-6
  • Certified by AWS to class A5.18 for ER70S6

Wire diameters

.023" (0.6 mm), .030"/0.8mm, .035"/0.9mm, .045" (1.14mm)

Spool sizes/ weights

4" - 2 lbs. (0.9 kg), 8" - 11 lbs, (5 kg) 12" - 30 lbs. (15 kg) or 12" - 44 lbs. (20 kg)

550 lbs. (250 kg) Drum available for order