ESAB Heliarc HW-17V-2TL TIG Torch Package

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ESAB HW-17V-2TL TIG Torch Package

Genuine Heliarc TIG Torch from ESAB. 

HW-17V-2TL is a valve-on-body torch meant for use with machines and equipment without a built in gas solenoid. The power cable has a Dinse 35 connector fitted for connection to most common 150A+ welding machines. Separate gas line has inert gas fitting for direct connection to regulator/flowmeter.

  • 12.5ft cables length
  • One long back cap included
  • Dinse 35 (50 mm) connector on power cable
  • 5/8"-18UNF Inert gas connector 
  • 150 amps ACHF or DCSP @ 100%
  • Made in USA

Part No. 35857