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ESAB OK 55.00 E7018-1 H4R Covered Electrodes

ESAB OK 55.00 E7018-1 H4R

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ESAB OK 55.00 is a reliable, high-quality, LMA electrode, particularly suitable for welding high strength low-alloy steels. The good, low-temperature impact strength of the weld metal should be noted. The weld metal is also very resistant to hot cracking. The electrode is also suitable for welding high strength ships steel, grades A, D and E.

ESAB VacPac - Vacum packaging prevents hydrogen induced cracking in thick structural steels or porosity in stainless or nickel-base weld metal by controlling the moisture re-absorption in the coating of low hydrogen electrodes.  Electrodes are divided into four or six vacuum packed sleeves per box.  

Link to documents and specs - ESAB OK 55.00 Fact Sheet