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ESAB SUREWELD 10P 6010 Covered Electrodes


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The ESAB SUREWELD® 10P 6010 red coated electrode is an all-position cellulosic rod developed for the pipe welding industry in order to improve ductility in the weld deposit while maintaining the standard welding characteristics needed for a pipe welding electrode. Sureweld 10P produces a steady, deep penetrating arc and maintains the proper keyhole in an open root. This electrode will produce X-ray quality joints in flat, horizontal, overhead, vertical-up, and vertical-down procedures. Sureweld 10P is recommended for welding API grades A25, A, B and X42 pipe and general structural, ship, barge and storage tank fabrication. It may also be used for welding root passes in higher grade pipe in some circumstances.

AWS E6010, CSA E4310


  • Pipeline
  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Civil Construction

 Documents and Specs - ESAB SUREWELD® 10P 6010 Fact Sheet

Sold in 50 lb quantities - Hermetically sealed cans