Evolution MD300SEG-CS 12" | Segmented Edge | 1 In. Arbor | Multi-Purpose, Metal Cutting Diamond Blade

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Evolution MD300SEG-CS 12" | Segmented Edge | 1 In. Arbor | Multi-Purpose, Metal Cutting Diamond Blade


Evolution MD300SEG-CS is a multi-material cutting diamond edge blade that offers versatile cutting and superior blade life.


  • Compatible with the R300DCT Concrete Cutting Saw and the R300DCT+ Concrete Cutting Saw
  • Multi-material Cutting: One saw and One blade will cut most common building materials including ferrous & non-ferrous metals, reinforced concrete, bricks, tiles, plastics & more saving you time and money.
  • Up to 30x longer blade life than abrasive discs when cutting metal. Diamond cutting edge is incredibly tough and can make over 1,000 cuts through steel.
  • Steel blade body with diamond cutting edge maintains its full diameter so you have maximum cutting capacity for the lifetime of the blade.
  • Cleaner and Safer: The steel body won’t shatter, unlike abrasives, which can cause serious injury. Less dust, less sparks & less odour vs abrasive discs, make this a safer cutting solution.
  • Cooling holes close to the edge expel heat to maintain optimum cutting performance.
  • Heavily concentrated diamonds give a coarser cutting edge compared to standard diamond blades.
  • Superior quality diamonds for longer blade life.
  • Segmented rim design with sub-segmented cutting edge improves efficiency and removes debris from the cut.
  • Thick body plate strengthens the blade for stability and accuracy.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MD300SEG-CS


Dia. Ø: 12 in.
Max. Speed: 6400 RPM
Bore / Arbor Ø: 1 in.
Rim: Segmented
Base Thickness: 0.083 in.
Segment / Tooth Thickness: 0.134 in.
Segment / Tooth Height: 0.118 in.
Segment / Tooth Quantity: 20
Sub-Segment / Tooth Quantity: 100


Note: The Evolution multi-material, metal cutting blade should not be used when water is being used for dust suppression.