Fein 5/8" Beveling Tool - KFH 17-15 RT

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Fein KFH 17-15 RT Compact Beveling Machine

Beveler for optimal weld seam preparation, 5/8" (15 mm) Capacity

Cutting speeds 30-80% faster than competitive beveling tools, thanks to proprietary spring and booster technology. Handheld beveling tools provide more accurate, weld-ready bevels and chamfers as opposed to angle grinders. In addition, grinding dust is eliminated with handheld bevelers, as only milled chips are produced from the beveling operation. 

FEIN's Ergo-Grip is designed to give a comfortable in-hand feel, reducing fatigue from holding the tool for extended periods of time. The low vibration design of the tool means less work stoppage due to ergonomics issues.

Spring & Booster Technology cushions the rotational force of the inserts when entering into the bevel. This gives the insert more time to penetrate the material resulting in a significantly reduced chance of machine kickback. This produces more uniform beveling, Resulting in reduced overall wear and increases beveling performance.

Technical Details

Product Name // Part Number KFH 17-15 RT // 72381961090
Input Power 120V AC
Max. Chamfer Length @ 45° 9/16" (15 mm)
Max. Chamfer Height @ 45° 7/16" (10.6 mm)
Chamfer Angles 30° / 37.5° / 45° / 60°
Radius 5/64, 1/8, 5/32" (2, 3, 4 mm)
Power Cable Length 13 ft. 
Tool Weight 14.11 lb.

What's Included:

  • KFH-17-15 RT Tool
  • 6 retaining screws
  • Copper Paste
  • 5mm Allen key 
  • Torx TX 15 screwdriver
  • Toolcase
  • Does not include Milling Head, Guide Roller, or Inserts!

Product Data Sheet | Operating Manual

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