Fronius THP 150G TIG Torch Hose Pack

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Fronius Air Cooled THP150G TIG Torch Hose Pack

The Fronius Multilock hosepacks for the new generation of TIG welding torches were designed to take as much strain out of your work as possible.  They feature an ergonomic design and a handle with soft, non-slip components.  The torch body can be rotated 360° thanks to the ball joint—this helps when access is restricted and allows for more flexible handling.  The control unit can be replaced in just a few steps thanks to the modular construction.  You can choose from Up-Down, JobMaster or potentiometer control variants.  Thanks to the patented interface, the hosepack can be equipped with different torch bodies depending on the application.

Fronius Water Cooled TIG Torch THP300i

    THP 150 TIG Torch is for the following Fronius welding machines:

    • Accupocket 150/400 TIG
    • TransPocket 180


    • Cable length - 13.2' (4m)
    • Up-down amperage finger control and LED light
    • Fronius Part Number: 4,051,376
    • Fronius Description: THP 150 G SH ML/FS/UD/LE/4M
    • Includes torch body and hose pack only, TIG torch heads purchased separately