Fronius TTB 160P Multilock TIG Torch Heads

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Fronius Multilock TIG Torch Heads - TTB 160P

Air-Cooled Multilock torch heads from Fronius are interchangeable across the full range of Air-Cooled Multilock torch bodies. These heads are sold separately from the torch body and cable assembly to allow for easy replacement or swapping of consumable sets. 

  • Fits any air cooled Mutlilock torch hose pack (THP)
  • Not compatible with water cooled Multilock torches

The TTB 160P features threaded consumables, compatible with most 9 / 20 style replacement parts for TIG torches. 

Available Options, Description and Part Number

  • Rigid Head - TB 160A G ML /70°/L65 - 44,0350,4407
  • Flexible Head - TB 160A G F ML /70°/L65 - 44,0350,5455

*Torch Body and cable assembly not included