Fronius Vizor 4000 Crystal Welding Helmet

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Fronius Vizor 4000 Crystal Welding Helmet


The Vizor 4000 Crystal provides unique glare protection technology, and in light conditions, you can perceive color almost as clearly as you would through a clear glass window. In darkness, the welder has a detailed and high-contrast view of the weld pool, with unprecedented clarity.

  • Better vision before, during, and after welding, thanks to Crystal Lens Technology
  • Autopilot function allows for comfortable working
  • Super lightweight, at just 0.5 kg / 1,1 lb

Technical Specs

  • Levels of protection: Autopilot: 2.0 (light condition) 4 < 12 (dark condition) Autopilot inactive: 2,0 (light condition) 4–8/8–12 (dark condition)
  • Sensitivity: Seamlessly adjustable, with “super high” sensitivity
  • Eye protection: Ultraviolet/infrared protection: maximum protection across all levels of protection
  • Switching time from light to dark: 0,100 ms at room temperature 0,070 ms at 55°C
  • Switching time from dark to light: 0,1–2,0 s (twilight function)
  • Classification according to EN379 Optical class: 1/1/1/2
  • Weight: 0,5 kg/ 1,1 lb
  • Part No. 42,0510,0197

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