Fronius Vizor Crystal Welding Helmet

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Fronius Vizor Crystal Welding Helmet


Detailed and high-contrast: In addition to its wide field of vision, the Vizor Crystal features unique glare protection technology. In light conditions, you can perceive color almost as clearly as you would through a clear glass window. In darkness, welders have a detailed and high-contrast view of the weld pool, with unprecedented clarity

  • Autopilot automatic darkened shade adjustment from 4-12
  • Manual darkened shade adjustment from 7-12
  • Shade 2 light state
  • 1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity
  • True colour filter offering a view of colours in their true form
  • Panoramic field of view offering up to 6x more viewing area than a standard welding helmet


  • Panoramic view and relatively light-weight
  • Better vision before, during, and after welding, thanks to Crystal Lens Technology
  • Autopilot function allows for comfortable working

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