Harris #600 Bronze Alloy Brazing Flux Powder

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Harris #600 Flux Powder - 1lb. Can


600 brazing flux is an all-purpose powder flux for use with bronze alloys such as Welco 15. This highly active flux can be used dry by dipping the heated rods into the powder or mixing with water. Residues may be removed with a hot water rinse leaving a bright, clean, strong and porosity free brazed joint.

  • Used with oxy-fuel braze welding using low fuming bronze and nickel silver rods on steel, copper and cast iron
  • Applied to the rod by preheating the rod end and dipping the rod into the flux
  • Flux will adhere to the heated rod
  • General purpose brazing flux
  • Activity range of 1400°F - 2200°F ° (760°C - 1204°C)
  • Meets ANSI/AWS Class A5.31 Type FB3-J
  • Typical Application: Steels, cast irons and also copper base alloys.
  • Sold in quantity of 1 lb.
  • Part number: 600FX01 

Nominal Composition

  • Borax
  • Boric Acid

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