InterPurge Maxi Purge - J50330145 - 5" Sch 5 10 40

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InterPurge Maxi Purge 5" Sch 5 10 40 - J50330145


InterPurge Maxi units come complete with all the hardware to purge the specified pipe or tubing size within 2 – 3 minutes. The unique double lipped silicone baffles are designed to withstand temperatures of 630°F (330°C) and will not melt, while conforming to the respective pipe contours. Included is a diffuser which will distribute the argon gas with minimal turbulence as well as a flexible and rigid arms for straight pipe as well as elbow applications. Each unit comes complete with 30’ low permeability purge hose and 30' stainless steel retrieval cable.

While individually purge times are estimates only these can be confirmed with a ppm purge monitor as we recommend levels below 50 ppm for quality welds.

  • Complete Unit for 5" sch 5 10 40 & 80 
  • Pipe ID range 4.72" - 5.51" (120 - 140 mm)
  • Includes all hardware to purge straight pipe, elbows & curved pipe.
  • Includes 30' (10m) retrieval cable & purge hose with flowmeter connection.
  • Heat resistant to a maximum temperature of 630°F (330°C)
  • Intercon part number: J50330145

MaxiPurge How-To Sheet

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