Lenco Rotating Internal Ground Clamps

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Lenco Rotating Internal Ground Clamp - 500 Amp

Lenco rotating internal ground clamps are designed for vertical or horizontal positions of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic pipe welding applications.  The PRG series has three contact pads which, when positioned, make direct contact with the inside of the pipe being welded or cut - eliminating the need for additional mounting brackets or threaded assemblies.

The PRG series utilize the reliable Lenco "C" rotary ground that incorporates both a stationary and movable contact plate that rotates 360 degrees.  The spring keeps tension on the two faces and is easily adjustable for various applications.  

Installation is quick and easy, simply tighten or loosen the adjustment flange to install or remove in second saving time on the job.

  • 500 Amp Capacity
  • Cable connector for 3/0 - 4/0 Cable
  • Connector type - double oval-point screws


  • For 4-1/2" - 8" I.D. Pipe - PRG-48ID (02700)
  • For 8" - 16" I.D Pipe PRG-816ID (02710)