Lincoln Electric 2x4C® Series Premium Glass Passive Welding Lens

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Lincoln Electric 2x4C® Series Premium Glass Passive Welding Lens


The 2x4C®Series Premium Glass Passive Welding Lenses are lightweight, comfortable welding lenses designed to enhance the color and clarity of the actual weld. These lenses are constructed from high-quality optical glass, providing superior performance and essential protection.  Lenses are offered in a full shade range from 9 to 11.


  • 4C™ Lens Technology - The Modern SuperVisibility - Broadens the color range & hues that can be seen in both light and dark states. This eliminates imperfections and color saturation to create the clearest view of the base material, arc & puddle
  • Improved Performance - Eliminates the yellow/orange flare of the arc to allow for better visibility and clarity. 
  • Reduced Eye Strain - Eliminates the bright arc from transmitting through the lens allows for better clarity and the eyes do not have to do as much work. This is particularly beneficial when welding for long periods of time.
  • Compatible with most passive helmets that accept a 2" x 4.25" lens
  • Constructed with high quality optical clarity glass
  • Available in 2" x 4.25" (5.08cm x 10.8cm)
  • Package includes quantity of (1) lens

Options and Part Nos.

  • Shade 9 - KP5268-1
  • Shade 10 - KP5268-2
  • Shade 11 - KP5268-3

    4C Lens Technology