Lincoln Electric CrossLinc® Remote K4345-1

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Lincoln Electric CrossLinc® Remote K4345-1


Lincoln Electric CrossLinc® Remote K4345-1 is compatible with any CrossLinc -equipped welder including Flextecs® and Ranger 330MPX welders to adjust welding output remotely at the arc, including current for Stick or TIG welding or voltage for wire welding processes.


  • Remotely control welding output without control cables for Stick and TIG processes
  • Polarity sensing capability allows for automatic process change between Stick and TIG processes
  • Digital meters indicate polarity prior to welding
  • Memory function remembers settings when disconnected
  • Foldable handle allows easy transport and a place to hang the remote at the work site
  • Automatic pairing with the welder when powered up
  • Added Protection – Sturdy steel case and rugged rubber corner bumpers
  • Compatible with Stick, TIGTIG or Wire welding processes., CC (constant current), CV (constant voltage), DC+ and DC-
  • Display preset and actual welding current or voltage
  • Lincoln Part Number: K4345-1

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