Lincoln Electric ER316 / 316L TIG Rod

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Lincoln Electric ER316/316L TIG Rod


Stainless steel welding rods designed to provide optimal bead appearance when TIG welding on a variety of materials


  • Low carbon content reduces the possibility of carbide precipitation and intergranular corrosion
  • The 2-3% molybdenum improves pitting corrosion resistance of the weld deposit
  • Q2 Lot Tested - A certificate showing actual wire composition is available online
  • Electrode identification is ink jet printed on the entire length of the electrode

Typical Applications

  • Sheet metal on the corresponding stainless steel base metals
  • High pressure piping and tubing
  • Use for welding similar alloys containing approximately 2% molybdenum

    Part Numbers and Packaging Options:

    • 1/16" 10lb Tube - ED034445
    • 3/32" 10lb Tube - ED034446
    • 1/8" 10lb Tube - ED034447
    • 5/32" 10lb Tube - ED036061

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