Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Series ADF cartridge Kit KP3045-3

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Lincoln Electric VIKING™ 3350 Series ADF cartridge Kit


Replacement auto darrkening filter lens for Viking 3350 welding helmets.

  • Manufacturer Number: KP3045-3


The new 4C ADF Technology improves the performance of the lens in the 4 most important categories to the welder:

  • Clarity - Optical Clarity 1/1/1/1
  • Color - Real Colour View
  • Carat - Light Weight
  • Cut - Even Shade From Any Angle
  • Cartridge dimensions 5.25" x 4.50" (133 mm x 114 mm)
  • Viewing Area 3.74" x 3.34" (95 mm x 85 mm)

The 4C Lens Technology upgrade to Lincoln Electric’s VIKING® welding helmets improves visibility and reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional lime green coloring in the helmet view screen.

4C technology is ideal for a range of industries such as general fabrication, power generation, shipbuilding, structural, offshore and pipeline that use multiple welding processes, including Stick, MIG and TIG. Whatever the task at hand, 4C technology gives you a clear view to productivity and quality.

Viking 3350 Tech Sheet