Lincoln Magnum PRO 250LX GT Spool Gun - K3569-2

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Magnum PRO 250LX GT Spool Gun for Ranger 330MPX, Maverick 325X


The Magnum PRO 250LX GT spool gun connects easily to the Ranger 330 MPX without the need for additional adapters or control boxes. Competitive spool gun setups are complex and expensive, with control boxes adding extra costs.

With only 3 easy steps, the Magnum PRO 250LX GT adds functionality without adding costs or hassle.

  • Plugs directly into the Ranger 260MPX 330MPX, Maverick 325X, and Ranger AIR 260 / 330MPX without the need for an additional adapter, making setup easy.
  • Utilizes premium Magnum PRO expendables for extended contact tip life, increasing the amount of arc-on time
  • The built-in gas valve allows gas flow to be controlled at the trigger, making the gun compatible with machines that do not have internal solenoids
  • Adjusts wire speed remotely at the gun with fine resolution, while synergically adjusting the voltage on a Ranger 330MPX. This dials in desired welding parameters without the need to travel back to the power source
  • Large thumbscrew makes fine adjustment of drive roll pressure effortless. Setscrew allows for coarser adjustment if needed for steel

With longer-lasting Magnum PRO Expendables and direct connect functionality, the Magnum PRO 250LX GT spool gun results in less downtime and hassle-free setup.

What's Included?

  • KP3539-2 - Magnum 250LX GT Spool Gun for Ranger 330MPX
  • KP2747-1A - Diffuser, Thread-on, Aluminum 550A
  • KP2743-1-62RA - Gas Nozzle Assembly, Aluminum, 5/8 in. Recessed
  • KP2745-364AT - Tapered Contact Tip, Aluminum 3/64 in.
  • KP2518-2 - Drive Roll, Aluminum, .030/.035 - 3/64 in.
  • KP2879-5 - Barrel Liner, 180°
  • KP2773-1 - Insulator, 550A

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