Lincoln Magnum® PRO Curve™ HDE™ 550 MIG Guns

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Lincoln Magnum® PRO Curve™ HDE™ 550 MIG Guns

The most durable and ergonomic MIG guns in the Magnum PRO family. Designed for rugged welding environments, the Magnum PRO Curve HDE guns with Magnum PRO expendables are built to last.


  • 100% Duty Cycle - The Magnum PRO Curve HDE guns have the highest duty cycle rating in their class, making them ideal for rugged environments and high heat applications
  • Premium Expendable Performance - Lincoln Electric's long-lasting Magnum PRO expendables are designed with welding arc performance in mind. Using Magnum PRO expendables results in more time welding and less time wasted
  • Tool-less Rotatable Gun Tube - The bolt of the gun tube can be loosened without the need for tools and rotated 360°, so it is easy to position into a comfortable spot for welding
  • Over Molded Handle - The soft rubber over molding enhances comfort and allows for an easier grip of the gun

    Technical Details

      • Processes:  MIG, Flux-Cored Gas-Shielded
      • Amperage:  550 Amps (60% Duty Cycle)
      • Duty Cycle:  100% Duty Cycle - Mixed Gas, 500A
      • Wire Size Range:  .025 - 5/64" (0.8 - 2 mm) wire

      Available Configurations

      Please note some torches do not include machine connector or liner.

       Torch Length Machine Connector Liner Size Part Number
      15 ft.  NONE NONE K4534-2
      15 ft.  K613-3 - Miller 0.035 - 1/8" K4532-2-3-45
      15 ft.  K613-7* - See Below 0.035 - 1/8" K4532-2-10-45
      20 ft.  NONE NONE K4534-3
      25 ft.  NONE NONE K4534-4

      K613-7 Connector Compatibility

      • LF-72™, LF-74™ Series
      • Flex Feed® 74 HT, Flex Feed 84
      • LN-25 PRO™, LN-25X®
      • Activ8®, Activ8X®
      • Power Feed® 10, 10M, 25M, and 84 PIPEFAB

      K613-3 Miller Connector Compatibility

      • Intellimatic™
      • Millermatic® 252
      • MM-35, S-42GL, S-52A
      • Swingarc™-Dual, Swingarc-Single
      • S-32S
      • 52D, 54D, 54E
      • 60 Series
      • 70 Series