Lincoln Magnum® PRO LFG 350 Fume Gun

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Lincoln Magnum® PRO LFG 350 Fume Gun


Magnum® PRO Fume Gun with a 350A 100% Duty Cycle for close to source extraction applications.

The NEW Magnum PRO LFG Fume Gun is super lightweight and designed with comfort in mind. Features such as the over-molded handle and swivel ball-joint strain relief keep the operator able to weld for longer periods of time. With tailor made front end fume capture parts, the Magnum PRO Fume Gun is sure to provide quality welds while keeping your operators safe from welding fume!


  • Lightweight Set-Up – Welding for entire shift is made more comfortable with the lightweight material used in the Magnum PRO Fume Gun
  • Tailor Made Fume Solution – Multiple Fume Nozzles to choose from in order to capture the right amount of fume. Use our Fume Nozzle Selection Matrix to choose the right nozzle for your application
  • Customizable Fume Capture – The Spring-Loaded Valve allows the operator to back off the fume suction when welding into tight joint fit ups
  • Maximum Operator Comfort – The over-molded handle and ball joint strain relief reduce hand and wrist fatigue
  • Premium Expendable Performance – Compatible with 550A Magnum PRO expendables for extended life on front end parts

      Technical Details

        • Processes:  MIG, Flux-Cored Gas-Shielded
        • Amperage:  350 Amps
        • Duty Cycle:  100% Duty Cycle - Mixed Gas
        • Wire Size Range:  .025 - 0.052" (0.8 - 1.3 mm) wire

        Available Configurations

        Please note this torch does not include machine connector or liner.

         Torch Length Machine Connector Liner Size Part Number
        15 ft.  NONE NONE K4464-2


        K466-10 Connector Compatibility

        • LF-72™, LF-74™ Series
        • Flex Feed® 74 HT, Flex Feed 84
        • LN-25 PRO™, LN-25X®
        • Activ8®, Activ8X®
        • Power Feed® 10, 10M, 25M, and 84 PIPEFAB™

        K466-1 Connector Compatibility

        • LN-7™ Series, LN-8™, LN-9™
        • LN-25® (up to 0.052 in. (1.4 mm) wire)
        • LN-23P™

        K466-3 Miller Connector Compatibility

        • Intellimatic™
        • Millermatic® 252
        • MM-35, S-42GL, S-52A
        • Swingarc™-Dual, Swingarc-Single
        • S-32S
        • 52D, 54D, 54E
        • 60 Series
        • 70 Series