Low Temperature Torch Coolant, -52ºC Resistant

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Powerweld Cool3 Torch Coolant (-60ºF / -52ºC)


Resists Freezing to -52ºC. Ready to use in MIG, TIG, and Plasma Torches

Protect your equipment during harsh Canadian winters. Cool3 torch coolant resists cold temperatures and ensures freeze damage will not be an issue with equipment left in sub-zero temperatures.

Cool3 is an ethylene glycol based formulation for use in radiator circulator and re-circulator systems. Used for cooling Plasma, GTAW, GMAW and resistance welding applications, as well as general industrial cooling applications.

  • Ready To Use
  • Safe for use on all brands of equipment
  • Ethylene Glycol formula resists freezing to -60ºF / -52ºC
  • Each jug contains 1 Gal. (3.78 L)
  • Manufactured by Powerweld
  • Part No. Cool3