Strong Hand Magnetic Grasshopper Clamps

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Strong Hand Tools Magnetic Grasshopper Clamps


Steady small parts, such as: bolts, nuts, and thin plates for tack welding at odd angles with full welding clearance. No other device can do what the Grasshopper does! Brass Tip + Magnetic V-Pad Base 

  • Spring-loaded arm self-adjusts for REPETITIOUS WORK HOLDING.
  • New Copper Spindle (deluxe model).
  • Adjustable V-Pad Base adapts to: round, square, flat, and angled surfaces.
  • Anti-tipping Bolt provides stability.


Part No. Magnetic Force
Equipped With Dimension Weight
AGH200 18 lb. Max Brass Tip 2.5 x 3.0" 0.7 lb
AGH230 35 lb. Max Brass Tip 4.0 x 4.0" 1.4 lb