Non-Sparking Stringer Bead Brass Wire Wheel

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Non-Sparking Stringer Bead Wire Wheel

Brass Wire

Felton’s new revolutionary AL5B non-sparking brush is the tool of choice when machining, cleaning, or repairing in explosive or flammable atmospheres. The AL5B features a patented and world exclusive cast aluminum poured center with knotted brass wire to form a truly non-sparking product which holds bristles tighter, and extends the overall life of the brush.

The AL5B provides superior safety while working in any explosive gas atmospheres (zone 0,1, and 2) and any combustible dust atmospheres (zone 20, 21, and 22). It can be applied in cleaning, maintaining, or repairing activities in a number of different jobs varying from refinery turnaround, industrial contracting, nuclear plant maintenance, and food processing plants to name a few.

The Felton design includes a world exclusive patented cast aluminum poured center and 50 brass wire knots. This innovative patented design allows for a complete non sparking brush which optimizes safety and performance with minimal upfront investment from the customer. This method locks the knots sternly in place which creates an accurately balanced brush leading to higher RPM’s.

  • 5/8-11 Angle Grinder Arbor
  • Made in Canada