Pferd Abrasive Spiral Bands - Z-Cool Zirconia Alumina

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Pferd Abrasive Spiral Bands - Z-Cool Zirconia Alumina


For coarse grinding work with a high stock removal rate and cool grinding. Active grinding additives in the coating substantially improve the stock removal rate, prevent loading and results in cooler grinding.

  • 10 Bands Per Pack


  • Abrasive spiral bands fit securely on the rubber drum holder as the holder expands during use.
  • Outstanding service life due to a special Pferd manufacturing process – even under the toughest work conditions.
  • Highest possible economic efficiency due to particularly high stock removal and aggressiveness of the abrasive.

Abrasive Spiral Bands - Zirconia Alumina

Recommendations for use:

  • To change the abrasive spiral bands, raise and lower them while turning clockwise. When doing so, leave the rubber drum holder engaged in the power tool.
  • Adhere to the minimum speed for the rubber drum holder to ensure that the abrasive spiral band fits securely.
  • For best performance, use with a recommended peripheral speed of 4,000–6,000 SFPM.
  • Use grinding oil recommended for the material in order to increase the service life and abrasive performance of the products.