Pferd COMBICLICK Surface Finishing Set

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Pferd COMBICLICK Surface Finishing Set


COMBICLICK® sets include a wide variety of coated and non-woven materials to test performance and surface finish results to help determine the right product selections for your applications prior to bulk purchases.  The included discs provide solutions for rough grinding, fine grinding, surface conditioning, pre-polish and polishing to a mirror finish.  Variable speed angle grinder is required, fits standard 5/8-11 spindle thread.  


    3 pcs. each of

    • COMBICLICK® fibre discs:
      • CO-COOL 36 grit
      • CO-COOL 120 grit
      • A-COOL 220 grit

    1 pc. each of

    • COMBICLICK® non-woven disc:
      • Surface conditioning, hard type, 240 F fine
      • Surface conditioning, hard type, 180 M medium
      • Surface conditioning, hard type, 100 C coarse
      • Finishing, soft type, 280 very fine
      • Finishing, soft type, 180 fine
      • Finishing, soft type, 100 medium
      • Unitized disc SiC W soft

    1 pc. each of:

      • Universal polishing paste
      • COMBICLICK® felt disc
      • COMBICLICK® backing pad CC-GT 5/8-11


    • Getting to know and testing the comprehensive system.
    • Coordinated selection of the most common products


    • 4-1/2" Diameter Set - 48192
    • 5" Diameter Set - 48194

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