Pferd POLINOX Unmounted Flap Wheels, PNL

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PFERD Polinox PNL Unmounted Flap Wheels 


POLINOX® unmounted flap wheels are made of non-woven polyamide abrasive, into which abrasive grain is integrated. Non-woven abrasive flaps are arranged radially, and the wheels are durable due to the dense packing of the flaps. Ideal for surface work.


  • Conforms to contours due to high flexibility.
  • Cool grinding and low thermal load on the workpiece.
  • The open structure and high flexibility of the non-woven material prevents loading.


  • Cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Roughening
  • Step-by-step fine grinding
  • Structuring (matt finishing, brush matting and satin finishing)
  • Surface work

Recommendations for Use

  • For the best performance, use with a recommended peripheral speed of 2,000-4,000 SFPM. This provides an ideal compromise between stock removal rate, surface quality, thermal load on the workpiece and flap wheel/cross buff wear.
  • Please order compatible arbor separately.

Ordering Options

Diameter (in.) Thickness (in.) Arbor Size (in.) Grit Compatible Arbor Opt. RPM
8"  2" 1-3/4" 180 45715 1,500 RPM