Pferd SGP STEELOX Ultra Thin Cutting Discs

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Pferd SGP STEELOX Special Line Thin Cutting Discs


Fast-cutting cut-off wheel for steel and stainless steel (INOX) with an excellent service life. Specially optimized for use on thin metal sheets and hollow sections.

Special Line SGP includes products engineered for specific tasks that offer the user key advantages over conventional products. This quality line also includes products that, due to their particularly high performance, offer ultimate economic efficiency.

Cut-off wheel for steel and stainless steel (INOX). High cutting performance and an excellent service life. Specially designed for use on thin metal sheets and hollow sections.

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  • Abrasive: High Performance Aluminum Oxide A
  • INOX-rated: Manufactured without addition of ferrous, sulphurous or chlorinated fillers.


      • For cutting sheet metal, sections, and solid material
      • Stainless steel (INOX), high temperature alloys.  Also suitable for carbon steel and all ferrous metals.
      • 7/8 Bore
      • Thickness: 0.040" or 0.045"
      • Type - 1 (Die Cut)
      • Works well on angle grinders of all power output levels.


      • Available in ultra thin (0.030") thickness
      • Excellent service life on thin sheet metal and profiles due to wear-resistant bond system.
      • Designed for universal use on steel and stainless steel (INOX).
      • Fast work due to high cutting performance.

        Available Options and Specs

        Diameter Thickness Arbor Part Number
        4-1/2" .030" (0.8mm) 7/8" 69817
        .040" (1mm) 7/8" 69845
        .045" (1.12mm) 7/8" 69846
        3/32" (2.4mm) 7/8" 63635
        5" .030" (0.8mm) 7/8" 69818
        .040" (1mm) 7/8" 69855
        .045" (1.12mm) 7/8" 69857
        3/32" (2.4mm) 7/8" 63636
        6" .045" (1.12mm) 7/8" 69865