Phoenix DryRod® II Type 1 Electrode Oven (10 lb Capacity)

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Phoenix DryRod® II Type 1 Electrode Oven

As the smallest portable rod oven available from Phoenix, the DryRod®II Type 1 oven is ideal for the individual welder. Type 1 ovens have a capacity of 10 lb and can be filled from a large capacity storage oven to keep electrodes moisture-free until use. The oven chamber temperature remains fixed at a consistent 300°F (150°C), ensuring electrodes remain moisture-free in the field and pass inspection.

Type 1 ovens provide unmatched durability and are designed to be repaired rather than replaced. Built with heavy gauge steel and powder coated to withstand challenging conditions, the Type 1 will remain in use for multiple projects.

  • 10 lb (5 kg) storage capacity for 14 in or 18 in electrodes
  • Rod elevator for quick removal of electrodes
  • 10 ft cord locks into the oven base to create a fixed connection
  • Body and lid insulation minimizes heat loss and energy usage
  • Indicator light
  • Safety Yellow color increases field visibility
  • Spring latch tightly secures insulated lid for transport
  • NEW 120/240V dual volt heating elements
  • PN 1205500