Pipeline Stringer Bead Wire Wheel Brushes - Carbon Steel Wire

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Pipeline Stringer Bead Wire Wheel Brushes

From United Abrasives Sait 

Excellent for use in the pipe welding industry.  Twisted wire wheels for higher impact action.  Stringer bead wire provides aggressive action in the removal of bead scale, weld flash, or splatter.  Carbon steel wire for working with ferrous metals (iron, steel, welds, cast iron, etc.), rust

  • Primary application: Cleaning, deburring, and scale removal, pipeline industry.

    Product Info

    • For use on Angle Grinders
    • .020" Carbon Steel Wire
    • 5/8"-11 UNC spindle thread
    • Made in the USA


      Diameter Max RPM Part No.
      4" 20,000 06440
      5" 12,000 06380
      6" 9,000 06384