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stinger stv002 electrode holder
Stinger V II Electrode Holder
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Stinger V II Electrode Holder

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Stinger V II Electrode Holder

The Stinger V II insulated electrode holder is a patented system that allows for a better grip and quicker reloading of your welding electrodes.  When it comes to durability no other stinger compares, just ask around!  

  • Fully Insulated with a moulded thermoset insulating cover 
  • Thick casted yellow brass stays cooler longer
  • Reliable V grip design for clamping of electrodes 
  • Designed and built to meet the demanding requirements of welding projects in the shop, out on the pipelines and on construction sites
  • Max cable size 1/0
  • 300A 
  • (Stinger V - Model STV002)

Link to: Replacement Insulation cover Set 

Stinger V replacement insulation cover set

Link to: Replacement Spring kit 

Stinger V replacement spring kit

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