Sumner Ultra Pipe Clamp

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Sumner Ultra Pipe Clamp


The ULTRA™  Clamp is a fast, accurate fit-up tool for pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting, pipe to flange and other fit-up needs. 

  • Accurate fit-up of 1" through 12" pipe
  • Rugged frame, built for job site use
  • Stainless steel alignment screws
  • Operating handle reposition for close work
  • Fine adjustment screws for quick fit-up
  • Lightweight for overhead work
  • Available in three sizes


 Min. Pipe Size  Max Pipe Size Item No. Model No.
1" 2.5" 781130 UC1-2.5
2" 6" 781150 UC2-6
5" 12" 781170 UC5-12

Sumner Ultra Pipe Clamp Image