THEO MA1 Series Handheld Laser Welding Machine

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THEO MA1 Series Handheld Laser Welding Machine


Maximize Your Productivity with the Industry's Most Compact Handheld Laser Welding Machine.

The Theo MA1 Laser Welding Machine is a compact, easy-to-use, and highly efficient handheld laser welding system that significantly improves welding speed, greatly reduces training time, and offers superior return on invest compared to traditional welding methods. The fiberlaser system is air-cooled and no external chiller is required.

Link to Wire Feeder Unit (Recommended for most applications)

Laser Welding is Easy to Learn

With its cutting-edge features, the MA1 is remarkably easy to learn and operate. Equipped with a user-friendly 7″ LED touch screen and an intelligent operating system supporting multiple languages, this system simplifies the welding process like never before.

Seamless Transition for Seasoned and Novice Welders
Say goodbye to expensive training programs and hello to immediate productivity. The MA1 empowers seasoned as well as novice welders to produce high-quality and consistent welds, saving both time and money.

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Safety with the Industry's Lightest Laser Welding Torch

Theo presents the industry’s lightest welding torch, weighing only 680g (1.5 pounds). Designed for comfort, it allows for extended use with less fatigue.

The torch features a built-in wobble function, controlled by a laser system, enabling up to 4.0mm (0.16″) weld width for high-quality, smooth weld seams. For increased operational safety, the torch is equipped with a double-secured contact sensor that only allows operation when the trigger is in hand contact and in contact with the workpiece.

Weld Versatile Materials up to 1/4 in. / 6.5mm with speed.

The MA1 series is a versatile tool for high-speed welding across a range of materials including Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum, Nickel Alloys, Titanium, and Copper, up to a thickness of 6.5mm. Its low heat input minimizes part distortion, ensuring the integrity of your materials.

The MA1 series produces strong, beautiful welding seams that require no further cleaning, saving time and enhancing the final product’s appearance. With built-in factory presets for all materials and thicknesses, the MA1 series ensures efficient and high-quality welding every time.

Boost Profitability with Energy-Efficient Laser Welding

Experience Up to 80% Energy Savings with the MA1 Series

The MA1 Series not only delivers superior performance but also significantly reduces electricity consumption compared to other welding technologies. Thanks to our single-mode technology, the MA1 Series increases energy density, enabling high-speed welding without the need for excessive power. This energy efficiency translates into substantial cost savings, making the MA1 Series a smart choice for both your operational efficiency and your bottom line.

Maxphotonics Engineered:

Global Leaders in Fiber Laser Sources Powering Unmatched Welding Precision

As a global leader in fiber laser source manufacturing, Maxphotonics guarantees superior quality and performance by developing all key components of the MA1 Series Laser Welding System in-house.

The MA1 Series is unique in the market as the only handheld laser welding system that employs a 20µm fiber core. This innovative feature, enabled by our proprietary technology, produces a high energy density spot size.

The 20µm fiber core concentrates energy into a smaller area, resulting in faster throughput speed at the same power level. This technology facilitates deep weld penetration, with capabilities reaching as deep as 6.5mm at 1500W, enhancing the MA1 Series’ versatility and broadening its range of applications.

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